Learn to Ride Safely

We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation very closely and the safety of our students is our main focus. We have postponed our April courses and plan for a May start. If anything changes with your currently scheduled course you will be contacted by our staff with options. Remember to stay inside and stay safe so we can get to riding as soon as possible

We have postponed our June courses and plan for a July start.

About Us

The Road Safety Association of Ontario is a non-profit organization devoted to road safety in general, and motorcycle safety in partiular. To that end, we operate motorcycle training courses in Ontario using the "Gearing Up" curriculum provided by our partners – The Canada Safety Council. As well, we have developed our own curriculum for Spyder Training Courses and M licence courses which are utilized by other providers across the province.


Our primary goal is to take whatever steps necessary to help protect motorcyclists from hard – both from inside, with skill-building courses for riders, and from outside, commenting on matters which will impact riders (in more ways than one). We also take positions on road-related issues that will affect all motorists, and work with policy makers to improve overall safety.

Where We Came From

Although we formed RSAO fairly recently, the genesis of the organization started back in the mid 70's with an attempt to develop an introductory course for aspiring riders. Although it was better than nothing, frankly it sucked. About that time, the CSC introduced their version of the initial program, and it was (and still is) the absolute gold standard for introductory motorcycle training.


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